And the Winners Are … (Beneath the Earth Film Festival)

It has been an absolute joy to be able to take part in the Beneath The Earth Film Festival. As a Grand Jury member it was my privilege to watch and judge what films I deemed exemplary in the field of short-subject film.

The deliberation was long and the decision was hard (because all of the films were well worthy of recognition), but I am glad to proclaim that two of my favorites in the pack won Best Film (Photographs) and Audience Prize (After Ever After), respectively. Be sure to visit the site to read the filmmaker’s personal statements.

Best Film (as selected by the Grand Jury) – Photographs

Synopsis: An elderly woman living in an abandoned town finds a camera, which becomes a means for her to recreate her past life and remember a lost love.

My Take: As a lover of photography myself, this animated short was a touching reminder of what I feel makes the medium so beautiful. Our protagonist’s attempt to reassemble a part of her life that is long gone, is at times haunting and poignant. The soundtrack was perfectly suited to the story being told.

Audience Award (as selected my the public) – After Ever After

Synopsis: A young man ascends an illustrative psychological breakdown of the four phases of mental instability following an infatuated relationship’s breakup.

My Take: What blew me away about this film is that in less than a 30 minutes, Jeff was able to create an entire narrative arc, in a way that was equal parts imaginative, engaging and moving. This is something many mainstream cinematic offerings have a difficult time managing.

Also my congratulations to winners in the other categories:

  • Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack: Photographs
  • Best Editing: It’s Natural to be Afraid
  • Best Cinematography: #omgimtrending

* You still have an opportunity to watch all of these films by going here. The films are available on-site for another week (closed on 11/15).

For those of you who have had the opportunity to watch these films, let me know what you take is.

BeneaTHEarth Film Festival

This year, I have the privilege of being on the Grand Jury of an innovative online cinematic (ad)venture – The Beneath The Earth (or BeneaTHEarth) Film Festival.

As stated on the festival’s website, the goal is to “[create] an online film festival … out of the idea that the Internet has given us new power to influence what content gets consumed and who gets noticed.”

The festival runs from 10/1-10/31. Click on the image below for more details on submission rules and guidelines.

Beneath Earth Film Festival

Categories in competition are:

  • Feature Film (over 60 minutes, all genres)
  • Narrative Short (under 60 minutes, all genres)
  • Documentary Short (under 60 minutes, all genres)
  • Animated Short (under 60 minutes, all genres)
  • Music Video (music video under 15 minutes, all genres)
  • Experimental Short (under 60 minutes, all genres)

I am really looking forward to seeing what is out there!