What Do You Think? (Bloopers and Outtakes)

Oh what an exciting life I do lead. When I am not waxing poetic about films, I am often glued to the television watching documentaries, True Blood or … British television, plenty of British television. Among my favorite pasttimes is to watch classic Eastenders episodes. What does this have to do with movies you may ask?

Well, let me get to the point. This past week I have been spending some time in a sort of “YOU TUBE LOOP” — watching several outtakes from the show. While they are really fun to watch, it does in a way pull the curtain on the by giving me some behind the scenes action. For example a scene that evoked such an emotional response, loses some of its magic when you see the principle actors flubbing the lines — it is no longer a seamless finished work of art.

This got me thinking about bloopers and outtakes in the movies.  Sure, I watch the ones that usually are part of the closing credits to a film, but anything further I really do not delve into. I suppose it is for the same reason.

I was just wondering what your feelings about watching bloopers and outtakes does for you? Does it add or take away from your cinematic experience?