A Great Book for Movie Fans!

I was listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago and the author of this book, Roger Clarke was being interviewed. The book is entitled, Story of the Scene: The Inside Scoop on Famous Moments in Film.

Well the book finally arrived this week and I have already started reading it. It actually is a very breezy, fun read. I would say it is a coffee table book but really it is a small book. The format book is very simple – each page (listed in alphabetical order) is accompanied by a production still or movie poster. The stories are behind the scene detail of how a famous scene took place in a famous movie. Some of the details I thought I knew; other details were surprising. For instance, the behind the scenes detail of the bird attack scene in Alfred Hitchock’s “The Birds” was news to me. I could have sworn that … well I will let you read it for yourself to find out. It is definitely a book that you will want to peruse and read selectively as opposed to reading straight through – at least that will be my approach to completing the book.

It is a must-read for a cinephile!

clarke booke Book Details:
Story of the Scene: The Inside Scoop on Famous Moments in Film (Professional Media Practice). by Roger Clarke, copyright 2009. Published by Methuen Dram. Paperback (176 pages)