Diamond Jubilee Celebration: Films About the British Monarchy

As a self-confessed Anglophile, I must say there is a bit of me that has a passing interest in what taking place on the other side of the Atlantic this weekend – Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – a celebration of her 60 years as the head of the United Kingdom and its commonwealth. The American in me always was both fascinated and perplexed by the monarchy. But one must admit – it makes for interesting real-life drama. It is a subject ripe for translation onto the screen.

With that, here in no particular order are a few of my favorite feature films whose subject is the British monarchy.


The Young Victoria (2009)

Emily Blunt was stunning as the young Princess (Queen) Victoria. This film exceeded my expectations when I saw it in late 2009.


Elizabeth (1998)

This film was a lush, vibrant and MAGNIFICENTLY costumed drama, which earned Cate Blanchett an Academy Award nod for her portrayal of Elizabeth I.


The King’s Speech (2010)

Recipient of the 2011 Academy Award for Best Picture, The King’s Speech will probably be the best picture you will see about a speech impediment. Standout performances all around, with a fine turn by the lead actor, Colin Firth.


Lady Jane (1986)

Back in the day when Helena Bonham Carter was the “Queen of the Costume Drama” and Cary Elwes was not in Saw, this is a part of the Tudor story that is gripping and tragic.


The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)

Featuring Charles Laughton at his ribald finest; this is a fictionalized account of the Tudor monarch, but still a very entertaining watch.

For more on the Tudor dynasty check out my previous post titles Tudors on Film.


Do you have any favorite monarchy-related films?