What’s On This Weekend …

Do you plan on catching any of the following this weekend?


  1. I’m going to see Safe House on Sunday (matinee) to see if it’s possible for Ryan Reynolds to ruin another movie-even one with the uber-talented Washington starring in it. 🙂 I actually like Ryan Reynolds’ comic turns, but his dramatic chops still leave a lot to be desired in my humble opinion.

  2. Hi, iluv and company:

    I’ve got my popping corn, oil and Cokes ready for Saturday night with TCM and its double bill of ‘Wait Until Dark’ and ‘The Apartment’.

    Traveling to a theater this weekend…. Not so much.

  3. None of these actually. Might end up renting Contagion as Haywire is no longer playing near me 🙁

  4. None of the above appeal to me enough to break the habit of not going to the movies at the weekend. It’s cheaper for us to go on Tuesday (discount day!) and ‘date night’. I think Phantom 3D is just more shameless money grabbing from the Star Wars franchise. The Vow looks like another in the Notebook, Time Traveller’s Wife type series. I’ll avoid it if I can.

  5. Safe House looks like it’s a decent watch. Not really interested in the others although I’m sure I will see The Vow down the road 😉 Both movies are having massive, record-breaking box office weekends as we speak.

  6. Safe House is a rental. I saw it. wasn’t all too impressed. About to go see The Vow. the highlight is the fact that Take Shelter finally made it to my city…should be checking that out this weekend!

    • Sounds like fun – better than me (shut in due to a bad cold).

    • Man, I’ll be bummed if Safe House is Safe Hosed! Well, copped tickets for it already, and see that it got a middling 51% Tomatometer. But what’s done is done. I’ll et y’all know what I think after viewing.

    • Safe House was pretty engaging to me. Combined with my tepid expectations for the film (based largely on uneven reviews) and the fact that I have even lower expectations for Ryan Reynolds-starring films, the film delivered more than I expected. Very simplistic plot, but I liked the minimalism there as well as the surprising (albeit not enough) interaction/chemistry between Washington and Reynolds. And Brendan Gleason (sp?) is always good.

  7. Oh my The Vow makes me want to Vurp (vomit burp)

    Safe house looks a bit of me though!

    • Checking the US Box Office returns, it looks lie people went to BOTH in their droves. I guess it was ‘something for the ladies’ and ‘something for the blokes’ although I consider myself a lady and am less than enthusiastic about seeing The Vow.

  8. I’m shocked “The Vow” is making so much money. The trailer looked horribly cheesy and sentimental.

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