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As per my uz … I visited TV.com this week (yeah, I kinda love the small screen too – don’t get me started in on Scandal …) and stumbled upon this interesting article as part of their “Fantasy Casting” series.


Let it be known: I LOVE me some Sneakers, so personally the idea of it getting a TV reboot (even within the realm of fantasy) is a bit disconcerting. I felt that its narrative was perfectly composed for a film and not necessarily convertible to serialized format, but hey, that’s just me. Some of the ideas TV.com readers had were quite interesting.

But I digress. Reading the article got my grey matter moving and led me to the following question: exactly which films WOULD work as a TV reboot? Well readers I am posing that very question to YOU.  Maybe it has already been done – see M*A*S*H, BuffyTeen Wolf, The Odd Couple, … My Big Fat Greek Life (yeah it existed) – or maybe not.

In any regard, share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.


  1. Maybe a weird one but, Dredd. I thought the film was okay. Nothing special. But I love the idea of that universe the characters are set in. It feels like it could be a great start for a solid genre TV show.

    But I bet a network would get hold of it and turn it into a dumb procedural cop show.
    Jaina recently posted..Ticking over just fineMy Profile

  2. Hmmm, I don’t know to be honest as I hardly watch any TV these days. That said I’d love to see more great comedies like Seinfeld and Frasier though.
    ruth recently posted..Friday Question: Movies with Great Ideas, Poor Execution?My Profile

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