Sundance Screenplay Reading Series: Franny

This past Monday I had the great pleasure of venturing down to the 52nd Street Project Theater in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen to witness something wonderful – that is, to be a part of a cinematic “work-in-progress.”


In association with the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA), this event was part of the Sundance Institute’s Screenplay Reading Series of Works in Progress. The star of the show on this evening was the screenplay for a film entitled Franny, written and directed by 2013 Screenwriters Lab Fellow Andrew Renzi.

Over the succeeding 90 minutes, audience members were treated to a live reading of Mr. Renzi’s story of a young married couple moving back to the wife’ native Philadelphia and their relationship with the larger-than-life but clearly damaged man, who them is trying to recreate the past relationship he had with her late parents.

ILC’s Take: this event was a wonderful insight into how screenplays come together. It is equally delightful to see the actors slide into their roles.

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend a live reading of a screenplay to do so. It is more exciting than you can imagine!

(Photo Credit: Sundance Institute)


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