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Fave Movies Featuring U2 Songs

Last night (9/23) I went to see U2 perform … awesome as always. After the concert, I thought about how I could tie in the concert to movies – et voila! Here are my favorite films that have U2 songs in the soundtrack (ordered by date):

  1. City of Angels – If God Will Send his Angels
  2. The Devil Wears Prada – City of Blinding Lights
  3. About a Boy – Zoo Station
  4. Ne le dis a Personne (Tell No One) – With or Without You

and one song in a movie I did not particularly like: Batman Forever – Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me

Love Did not Happen this Weekend

After looking at the box office numbers for the past weekend, I cannot say I am surprised by the result of the latest offering from Jennifer Aniston, Love Happens. About a month ago I saw the Time Traveler’s Wife (which I liked), with the trailer for Love Happens being in the previews. I guess the logic being that one “chick flick” deserves another. I was happy to see Aaron Eckhart but when I saw Ms. Aniston’s face appear, let’s just say I was less than pleased.

love-happens_poster-337x500While I obviously have nothing personal against her, she is not a screen presence that I clamor to see in my cinema. Do not get me wrong, she was perfectly amiable (pun intended) on the few episodes of Friends that I watched. Her films have left a bit to be desired – with noted exceptions “She’s the One” and “Friends with Money.” I would include “The Good Girl” in this category (everyone else does) but I must admit I have not seen the film in its entirety in one sitting.

Looking at the weekend receipts also got me to thinking about this great article that I read a number of years ago – I think it sums her up pretty well.

Postscript – how in the WORLD could I forget “Office Space?”

An American Version of "Love Actually?"

I recently saw the trailer for a Valentine’s Day 2010 release of the same title. The trailer made me think (as I suspect many, many others thought) about what is in my mind the quintessential, ensemble cast, romantic comedy, 2003’s Love Actually. I love this movie. And on the basis of the trailer for Valentine’s Day, it makes me appreciate Love Actually all the better.

Don’t take my word for it, watch the trailer.

Tell me what do you think?

Review of Devotion (1943/6)

For years I have been looking forward to seeing this film. Finally it was on TCM this weekend and what can I say, it was awfully dull. It did not capture my attention at all. It is really disappointing because I love Olivia deHavilland as a screen presence and always find her worth the price of admission. I feel the same adoration for Ida Lupino as well. The story was a very contrived attempt to turn the life of the sisters Bronte into some sort of romantic drama (with a love triangle to boot). Needless to say about 45 minutes in, I could not bear it anymore and merely left the television on as a background distraction occasionally looking up to see where in the story they were. My recommendation: stick with film/TV adaptations of the Bronte’s novels. My personal favorite is Jane Eyre (TV/2006).

Never Let Me Go

It looks like a great concept but in my mind of minds I cannot help but think about “The Island,” the 2005 film starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. The film itself was sued by the makers of “Parts: The Clonus Horror.”

I guess what is old is new again.

'Sex And The City' Sequel To Revisit The 80s? (PHOTOS, POLL)

‘Sex And The City’ Sequel To Revisit The 80s? (PHOTOS, POLL)

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'Sex And The City' Sequel Secrets And Spoilers

‘Sex And The City’ Sequel Secrets And Spoilers

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Not so Easy Virtue

I was eagerly anticipating Easy Virtue since it premiered at the Tribeca Film festival in April. The lines to see the film wrapped around the theater. How could one go wrong? Colin Firth Kristin Scott-Thomas, and Noel Coward? It is sure to be a hit.

In fact, all the tickets were sold out and I missed it. I subsequently missed the opportunity to see the film in its limited theatrical release.
On a transcontinental flight over the weekend I had the pleasure to see this film. Initially I was very excited when I heard the flight attendant say that this film was part of our in-flight entertainment.
About 15 minutes into the film, I was bored as nuts. The result: I started writing this “review” at that point. It is obvious looking at Scott-Thomas and Firth were phoning their performances in, which can be entertaining. Then there is the issue of Jessica Biel – why oh why? She is completely miscast in her role, which although she is playing an American, her voice is putting o airs of upper class English sophistication.
I think that I am going to go to Netflix and add the original to my DVD queue and catch the original (and probably better) filmed version.
Additional problems I had with the film:

  • The funny bits seemed a bit misjudged/poorly timed. I think something was missing
  • Maybe I have seen too many films set in pastoral England; but it feels like it is at the point where it is cliché. The theme of the stuffy exterior concealing much, much more underneath the surface is a bit overdone. From what I recall Coward’s word tends to be a little stilted especially by today’s standards but still …
  • Another ill-judged element of the film? the music. First it seemed to go over some dialogue and then in the end I realized another thing that irritated me about the music … the songs were contemporary songs but sung in a style of the era in which the film takes place.

This overall sums up my disappointment. Maybe a repeat viewing will alter my impression of the movie but I doubt it. I will give it another look when it comes out on DVD.