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The Mighty Thor

As something of a purist when it comes to screen adaptations of novels, comics, etc., I amazingly do not find myself too overcome with upset regarding the casting of Idris Elba in the Kenneth Branagh’s big screen version of “Thor.” My reasons are pretty basic and may not occur to many people that are not fully aware of the history of Mr. Branagh’s “creative casting.”

The example that immediately comes to my mind is kne of my favorite Shakespearean screen adaptations, “Much Ado About Nothing” in which Denzel Washington is cast as Prince John. Another example of Branagh’s naturally diverse casting choices is in the HBO adaptation of ” As You Like It,” in which David Oyelowo and Adrian Lester as featured performers. Furthermore, he has even shifted the setting of the play in this adaptation to turn-of-the-century Japan.

One final example that springs to mind in a film I have not seen in it’s entirety -Love’s Labours Lost”. This relatively young cast featured Adrian Lester (again) and Alicia Silverstone. One can argue that even his selection at various times of American actors in British productions is equally dubious. If anything, these casting decisions symbolize the non-tradiontional (NOT necessarily PC) process of combining star power with talent as Mr. Branagh sees it.

Film after all is the director’s domain; s/he is the creative force of its universe. And in the case of Kenneth Branagh, I would recommend that we wait until we see the finished profit before making any judgements.

Grace Kelly Coming to the V&A London

A highlight of the summer museum season HAS to be the exhibit that is coming soon to the V&A Museum in London. The name of the exhibit is entitled “Grace Kelly: Style Icon.” There will be clothing and other artifacts from her fantastic (but all too short) film career.

There has been a great deal of buzz about this exhibit including a piece in The New York Times as well as the cover story of this May’s Vanity Fair.

And as luck would have it I am traveling to London next month to see this exhibit. I will take as many photos as possible and be sure to post them here on iluvcinema!

BBC Magazine Article on Hitchcock’s Psycho

This BBC article is all about the 50th Anniversary of one of Hitchcock’s masterpieces, “Psycho.”

As a youth, the scene that scared me was always  the shower scene. As I got a bit older, my “favorite” scene was the scene when Martin Balsam walks (creaks) up the stairs to meet his fate. Still disturbs me to this day.