Quick Reaction to “Prometheus”

I will save the “good stuff” for my upcoming LAMBcast. But I thought I would take a moment to reflect on some of what I saw on Tuesday evening.

Things I liked about Prometheus:

  • The marketing: I know some people were a bit overwhelmed by the viral marketing campaign. In fact there were even times when I thought that it may be too much. But after watching the film I must admit that it really did not give too much away but instead provided some good context for the proceedings on the screen.
  • The acting: especially the thespian triumvirate of Theron, Fassbender and Elba. Oh yeah and Pearce, too
  • The surprisingly immersive 3D experience. Prometheus one of the few films that I did not mind employing the gimmick use of technology.
  • The set design: Director Ridley Scott outdid himself with the set pieces on this film it was in a word – beautiful.

The things I did not like about the film:

  • Plot details: I feel like there was too much stuff crammed into the film; a few plot details could have fallen by the wayside for the sake of a clearer narrative.
  • An ending seemingly designed to hint at taking the story further (likely a studio version) because I cannot imagine Scott would think of the Alien ‘progenitor’ all by himself.
  • Not enough Rafe Spall 🙂

Overall, despite some flaws, I enjoyed the film.


  1. Avery fun, exciting film but definitely flawed. Enjoying all the discussion going around about this film!
    Pete recently posted..Film Song of the Day @ FilmoriaMy Profile

  2. I agree about Rafe Spall, he is awesome! Shame he couldn’t keep his english accent though!
    Scott Lawlor recently posted..Tech Tuesday – FRC Towers Now Supports 7.1 SoundMy Profile

  3. There was a lot crammed into the film. Perhaps less silly plotting and more character development? Saying that, I really enjoyed the film.
    Jaina recently posted..100 movies: Snow White and the HuntsmanMy Profile

  4. No love for Noomi? 🙂
    sati recently posted..Visual Parallels: Amelie + The ArtistMy Profile

  5. i was disappointed. a good waste of a few intriguing plots that could have been expanded upon–none of which was the ending. i was left confused, and not Inception or Memento deep-thought-confused. confused in a way that left me looking for answers that the movie clearly failed to elaborate on in a thought-provoking manner. hopefully Batman will equalize Prometheus’ disappointment. (this hathaway chick better deliver-Theron should have snatched that role instead–but i digress)

    • Disappointment is not necessarily a bad thing in that it means the expectations were rather high. But don’t get it twisted – the film was still better than a lot of the drivel which passes as sci-fi nowadays.

      Also Scott had a really high barrier to overcome since after all it was he who reinvented the genre. I will cut him some slack on that front.

    • jaime, i totally agree with your take here…i left with more confusion and “what tha?” thoughts, than, “hmmm…that’s interesting.” that stated, it was eery in the early parts, engaging during the rising action, and somewhat flat in the end. overall, i give it a 6-6.5 out of 10.
      Jay-Dilla recently posted..The Five Worst Decisions That I Have Ever Witnessed…RevisitedMy Profile

      • expectations were definitely high. the marketing hype definitely played a role. i don’t know…i was just expecting a more intriguing and certainly more intellectual (a la Matrix) point of view on the “beginning” of man. it’s just sad that this is what we’re getting from the “A” class directors. but i will still keep them up HIGH for Chris Nolan.

        jay, it left me wanting more…but not from this movie.

        note to the crew: it was not an invitation…it was “you see these circles here, don’t disturb.”

  6. You mean Elba as in Idris Elba, right? When I saw Alba I immediately thought of Jessica Alba, ugh. Anyway, I haven’t seen it, so I don’t really have anything to add yet.
    ruth recently posted..Guest Review: Prometheus – from a die-hard ALIENS fanMy Profile


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