Tuesday’s Overlooked Film: Holiday (1938)

One of the more celebrated screen duos (in my mind at least) is the onscreen duo of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. There are the those films that stand out – namely The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby. But one of the lesser-known films, Holiday, is the one I would like to feature as this week’s contribution to Todd Mason’s ongoing blogging meme.

SYNPOSIS: Based on a stage play by Philip Barry, an unhappy heiress (Hepburn) falls in love with her stodgy sister’s freethinking fiance (Grant).

This is a ‘holiday’ film but not a holiday-themed film (if that makes any sense). Regardless, whenever I see this film, I cannot help but be taken into the film. It is not a totally zany, screwball like Baby but it strikes just the right balance (kudos to Mr. George Cukor, among many others). Besides, I would watch Cary Grant read the telephone directory …

Check out a clip from the movie:

Lastly, a bit of trivia – character actor Edward Everett Horton featured in this film; eight years earlier, he portrayed the SAME role in the 1930 filmed version (co-starring Ann Harding and Mary Astor)!


  1. Patti Abbott says:

    I remember seeing this when I was young and finding it puzzling. But can’t remember why. BUB and TPS are two of my very favorite movies though.

    • I think that it is a bit off the beaten path in so much as it is out an all out screwball comedy like the other ones are. I think of it as similar to a British Comedy of Manners (or at least an American approximation to it).

  2. Great choice as I adore this one for its romance and intimacy – would love to see the original 1930 version but I bet it creaks a bit loike so many early talkies.
    Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) recently posted..Stalag 17 (1953) – Tuesday’s Overlooked Christmas MysteryMy Profile

  3. Thanks for this Iba, I love this film! I think you’re right, it’s the perfect balance between comedy and commentary. This is one of my favorite moments in it… http://youtu.be/NcTo5vPm6Ng
    Paula recently posted..Christmas movie mea culpaMy Profile

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