Weekend Vieiwing Recap

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – especially my countrymen, many of whom most likely are recovering from a rather long holiday break. I for one loved mine. I stuffed myself silly, got to see the Wimbledon fortnight to draw to a resounding close (especially on the gentlemen’s side – GO ANDY MURRAY!!), went to the cinema and caught up on some must-see TV. So, without further ado, let me recap on the latter half of my weekend activities.


ORPHAN BLACK – Season One (BBC America)
I must admit I was always intrigued by this series ever since I saw the adverts for it. But unfortunately for me I have the TV viewing attention of a gnat and can only focus on about one or two first-run shows in a given a season. Well with the summer in full swing and no new epis coming up, I was able to turn my attentions to this captivating sci-fi drama. Lead by the talented Tatiana Maslany who assumes many characters, the show will and leave you convinced that these are all totally different people (I smell an Emmy in her future). I do not want to divulge too much of the plot (although some clever folks may be able to read between the lines), but all I can say is that this ten-episode arc is must-see TV, leaving the stage set for what is sure to be an equally exciting sophomore season.



THE HEAT (in Cinemas)
Directed by: Paul Feig
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock
This is one film that did not immediately fall on my radar but I had heard good things about it so I said what the heck – might as well go for it! I am glad I did. Granted, there were some problems I had with the film (moments of narrative unevenness, etc.), these were minor problems at that. When you take the film for what it is worth – a buddy cop comedy – it delivers and most assuredly past the all-important “laugh test.” Also, it was great fun for a change to see Sandra Bullock in a comedic role that is straight up meant to make us laugh with only the slightest hint of a romantic interest. But again, McCarthy takes the cake with her rapid-fire delivery and funny one-liners.


What did you watch this weekend?


  1. It took me a little while to get rolling with Orphan Black, but I was hooked by the middle of the season. I totally agree that you forget it’s one actress playing all of them. It’s also a lot of fun and had some big laughs, which doesn’t always happen with this type of show.
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  2. Hi, iluv:

    ‘Orphan Black’ is about seventeen different kinds of awesome!

    Tatiana Maslany has talent to burn playing three different, yet distinct characters. Which is better changes from episode to episode. Which is what I (and I imagine countless others) want in a very character driven series.

    Two others that have surprised are from BBC/America as well. ‘Ripper Street’ and ‘Copper’. Which come across in a very “Dickens meets ‘Deadwood'” kind of way! Excellent, well acted and executed period pieces.

    NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ was a surprising, often creepy find. Loaded from stem to stern with solid, proven talent!

  3. JACK – I may try Ripper St and Copper. The guy who plays the doctor is an acquaintance of my brother’s. Hannibal is still going on but I could not start watching it because it conflicts with my live viewing of Scandal 😉

  4. I haven’t seen Orphan Black yet but I heard good things. I loved The Heat, very funny movie and Bullock and McCarthy had awesome chemistry together.
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