Oscar® Noms Announced! (My Reaction)

Here are a couple of observation about the Oscar® nominations, which were announced earlier this morning:

  1. Regarding ‘Snubs.’ I think contrary to what I might have initially felt about the year overall, this was a very strong year in terms of quality motion pictures produced. In other words, I do not think that any of the nominations are necessarily undeserving but rather there are so many people and films that could have received a nod. Some that come immediately to mind are Her (Joaquin Phoenix’s performance), The Butler, Inside Llewellyn Davis, Fruitvale Station, Saving Mr. Banks – the list can go on, thus proving my point.
  2. One Snub That Stands Out for Me. Pacific Rim Sound / Visual Effects. Maybe they will get a few Sci/Tech Awards.
  3. Favorite Nominations? It’s a tie: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa for Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling (just because) and Before Midnight for Best Adapted Screenplay.
  4. I Feel Kinda Bad … I have not seen ANY of the Best Films not in the English Language. Must be rectified in future.
  5. Who Do I Think Will Win? I never predict these types of things. I usually get it wrong. I just sit back and watch all of the events unfold.
  6. Lastly … I have a lot of ‘homework’ to do before Sunday, March 2nd.

Share your thoughts below …

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  1. The one film that has stood out for me in terms of “snubs” is Rush. I loved Daniel Bruhl’s performance and was surprised he wasn’t nominated but was absolutely stunned it didn’t get a nod for best sound editing – the roar of the Formula 1 cars was just outstanding.
    Louise recently posted..Top Ten: Oscar 2014 SnubsMy Profile

  2. I definitely agree. This is one of the better years in films in recent memory. One would assume it means there are/were tons of best actor/actress (side note: why are acting awards segregated by gender? should there just be a best actor? just saying’) candidates but I think the screenplays and ensemble casts ruled the roost in ’13-’14.
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  3. I haven’t seen any of the films, so my mind and expectations are a blank slate. 🙂 I will however be lining them up on Netflix for the near future. Though several of these films are not my usual cup of tea. Let’s face it, most award winners in the past few years have not been my cup of tea. And yet I survive. Ha!
    Yvette recently posted..Tuesday’s Forgotten (or Overlooked) Film: THE 39 STEPS (1935) Starring Robert Donat and Madeleine CarrollMy Profile

    • Yeah it is a tough go for many cinema goers nowadays especially now that the business of film seems more driven by marketing campaigns than the art of cinema. That said, I think that (as Ja said) this past year was a pretty good year for a melding of those two elements.

  4. Hi Iba! How’s it going girl?

    As you know I LOVE ‘Her’ very much so yeah, Joaquin Phoenix’s SNUUUUBED 🙁
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