On Now: NYFF52

Oh yeah there is the tiny little matter of the 52nd Annual New York Film Festival kicking off this weekend.

Hopefully it will not be as confrontational as last year, when I attended a screening of Blue is the Warmest Color and post-screening was ‘approached’ by someone questioning why I was watching the film and what did I think about the misogyny contained therein. Actually, that reminds me – Pro-Tip: Even if I agree with your argument(s), accosting me and bellowing questions at me is not the way to sell your POV.

Mini-rant over.

Anyways, better forward planning this year means that my NYFF dance card will be a little more full and allow me to provide a slightly more adequate level of coverage.


Life of Riley

Among the films that will be attended (and subsequently covered) are:


Guys and Dolls


In addition, I will be attending the panel Women’s Impact: Producing in a Convergent World.

You may be asking yourself: Why no Gone Girl? If I am honest, I never got caught in the frenzy that the source material caused in the bibliophile community, so even with Fincher at the helm, this has a wait until later … vibe for me.
Overall, scheduling conflicts this year mean that I have had to massively scale back my moviegoing ambitions and stick mostly to the Friday night – Sunday screening window, which means I miss out on films such as:
  • The 50-Year Argument
  • The Blue Room
  • Saint Laurent
  • All About Eve
  • Two Days, One Night
  • National Gallery
  • Jauja
(visit the NYFF52 Main Slate page for film details)
Lastly, are you going to be the Big Apple for any of the film fun? What are you looking most forward to?
Photo credit: Film Society of Lincoln Center, host of the New York Film Festival.

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