Happy Birthday Audrey!

Today marks the 83rd birthday of one Audrey Hepburn.

During my early years of becoming a classic film obsessive, for me, Audrey Hepburn became (and remains) the embodiment of old-school Hollywood grace and glamour. I made it a point to watch just about everything that she was in.

Off-camera I admired her big heart and her deeds that matched her generosity.

So in a sort ‘tribute’ to her life and career, I would like to list my favorite 5 6 performances (in no particular order).

Breakfast At Tiffany’s – While I do have some problems with the film, her performance in it is absolutely fantastic. And her style … flawless. I especially love the blonde streaks in her hair.


Wait Until Dark  – I have previously waxed poetic about this film so I will not go into too many details. But let’s just say it is one intense and well – played film.


Roman Holiday  – Well this one is on the list, just because of the classic that it is. Goodness all around; the ingénue at her most ingénue.


Funny Face  – It’ Paris in the springtime and it is also a bunch of singing and dancing; what’s not to love. Another display of Hepburn’s trademark style.


The Nun’s Story  – A well-paced, subdued performance marks a film with a final scene that remains indelibly etched in my cinematic memory.


My Fair Lady  – I just love the music, even if she is not singing.


Honorable Mentions: The Children’s Hour, Sabrina


Learn more about her career and her life by visiting her Official Website. And be sure to catch TCM today for their birthday tribute marathon to her.


On Location – Paris

This is a close up picture of “Winged Victory” at the Louvre in Paris. However, fans of Audrey Hepburn may remember that this as a famous scene in Stanley Donen’s “Funny Face.” as she is descending the stairs in that lovely red dress. Who could forget?

Wnged Vic

My Shot

The Shot from "Funny Face"

The Shot from "Funny Face"