Trailer Trash (Talking) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So yeah I watched this trailer. My initial thoughts?

  1. Well, I did not laugh this time – that is definitely a plus. When I saw the teaser that was released earlier this year before a film I do not even recall now (maybe Age of Ultron?), was left in tears. The trailer was dark, the voices were mumbled and I had not a clue what was going on.
  2. At least I know what the story is about vaguely. Yeah I know teasers are just that – their objective is to tantalize you enough that you want to know more. But as I stated in item #1 the teaser did not do anything for me.  In fact it initially left me confused. I was like, Where is Lex Luthor? Thankfully this fuller trailer answered that for me.
  3. Why so dark? Again, fully aware that DC’s comic universe is definitely a little bleaker than Marvel-land. Seems like that trend of contrasting styles is continuing in each respective cinematic universe. Side note: kind of funny these dissimilar styles especially when one considers that on television/Netflix the reverse is true with Marvel seemingly going shades darker with programming such as Jessica Jones and Daredevil while DC has gone the CW route with family-friendly Arrow and The Flash.
  4. Wonder … Wonder Woman. Have not been following this production schedule so don’t really know how big a role Wonder Woman actually has in film. There seems to be a lot of ground that needs to be covered in the whole Superman v Batman squaring off, and that says nothing about the insertion of Mr LOOTOUR into the fray.
  5. What is Batman thinking? I get it. You are mad at the damage caused by Superman vs General Zod. But really? Squaring off against an alien? Am curious to see how that works out for him. But it does seem like, according to the trailer, Alfred (Jeremy Irons) is telling him he needs to stop and think for a precious moment.

Ultimately still up in the air about whether or not I am going to see it in the theater …


Who am I fooling? Sure I am gonna catch this, even if I am bracing for disappointment.

So what are your thoughts?