DVD Pick: Moguls and Movie Stars (2010)

I luv history.

I luv movies.

So really it was just a matter of time when I would suck it an commit seven straight hours of my life to watching and reacting to this TCM Original Production, Moguls and Movie Stars, an in-depth look at the birth of the motion picture industry from 1889 until 1970, which I guess is a solid marker for cinema’s “modern era.”

Hollywood Sign

Click on the links below for a synopsis of each episode:

Episode One: Peepshow Pioneers (1889-1907)

Episode Two: The Birth of Hollywood (1907-1920)

Episode Three: The Dream Merchants

Episode Four: Brother Can You Spare a Dream (1929-1941)

Episode Five: Warriors & Peacemakers (1941-1950)

Episode Six: The Attack of Small Screens (1950-1960)

Episode Seven: Fade Out, Fade In (1960-1969)

This is a must-see film for anyone who considers themselves a cinephile. After all, through this wonderful medium, we have been able to chronicle an entire human century of existence.

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