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The Long and Short of It ….

One of the fun things that blogging about movies does for me is the opportunity to communicate with those (few) who may read my articles.

Also,at times, I get sent emails about films, moviemaking, etc. Earlier this year, such a thing happened. An up and coming filmmaker by the name of Mark McCombe ( sent me a peek to his film titled Lover’s Jump.

After watching the film, it got me thinking – overall, I am impressed with the level of creativity and vision it must take to put together a whole story arc (beginning, middle and end) in such a short timeframe.

To be completely honest, prior to this communication, I never had given much thought to the whole production of a short. In fact, I have known of people who have made short films when I was in college, but at the time, it was of passing interest to me.

Now that my cinematic I.Q. has developed since then, I feel like I “get” it. Often when we look at the world of cinema, we think about it mostly in terms of the featue films. That is not that crazy of a notion especially since that is where all of the energy and exposure is put forth. But for a purist (not quite there yet), cinema as an art form includes all forms of film – including the shorts and experimental film making. In fact many films that fill our main stream multiplexes have their roots in short-subject films.

In conclusion, this experience in screening Mark McCombe’s Lover’s Jump has been an enlightening experience, which I hope with the rest of the “i luv cinema” community in the near future.

Best Picture Noms, 2011

The Guardian (UK) newspaper is featuring a great series on their website, “Best picture Oscar hustings” in which each feature describes the reason why that specific nominee deserves the golden statue.

I like this feature because it kind of proves what many, including myself, have said for a long time – so many pictures are worthy to be considered “best pictures” for a variety of reasons. In the end this is purely a subjective judgement which is nothing else, initiates a great debate and discussion but in no way should be seen as an absolute or authoritative declaration.

Taken 2: Liam Neeson Goes to Berlin!

X-Men First Class Trailer


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane …. NO, It’s Henry Cavill

Thoughts, feelings, strong allergic reactions to the idea of Henry Cavill being cast in (yet another) reboot of the Superman movie series?

While I personally find Mr. Cavill lovely to look at (read The Tudors), there are a couple of reasons I am a bit skeptical:

  • He has the Superman look – but can he pull off the Clarke Kent?
  • The accent – there is clearly the prospect of us having a dodgy/wobbly American accent going on.

That said, I liked Superman Returns. I thought that Brandon Routh did a servicable job as the Man of Steel. It would have been interesting to see where they picked up the story in a subsequent movie. On the other hand, it could be argued that the movie was pretty self-contained and did not necessitate additional storytelling.

Honestly I have not read too much about this reboot but it would be nice if you could share your info, thoughts, etc. concerning this bit of casting and where you think the story is going.